Zen Tea, Quezon City


🌏 Maginhawa Street Teachers Village, Quezon City, Luzon Philippines (View map)

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Image Zen Tea, Quezon City

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👆 Web ⏳ 19-08-2014

this Tea Place rocks

Tea here, tea there, tea everywhere. All of them you might say are pretty much the same. It's just tea right? But you must consider the costs. Zen tea is affordable. The ambiance of their stores are youngish and comfy. Very homey. they have a variety of popular flavors in their mixes. Now why write about a tea place. This is the thing. It's the same, tea, milk, winter melon flavor. My favorite condiment is the coffee jelly. Well in all other tea places, the coffee jellies are the equivalent of rubber. Here at Zen Tea, they're the real McCoy !!!!

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