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Ulap Siyam was established in 2020 with a simple mission: to produce future surfers with a high level of discipline & knowledge through a combination of surf science, surfing analysis & practical experience. Ulap Siyam offers a variety of surf packages for beginners and experienced surfers alike.
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Janinah Jimmin M
⏳ 12-2021

Learn the basics of surfing with professional surfer Ana Mae Alipayo

Ana Mae of Ulap Siyam is definitely the best to go to if you’re looking to learn about basic surfing techniques from paddling, technical pop-up as well as maneuver and speed. And of course, safety.

What I liked about my experience was the approach when it comes to teaching newbies. Some beginners might feel uneasy around professional surfers but Mai-Mai has totally made it comfortable for me. Surfing lessons with her are not just educational but also fun.

I also highly appreciate what she taught me about paddling and that she encouraged me to actually do that while we were having surfing lessons and not just spoon-feed me by pushing the board. I was taught the importance of paddling. It actually also depends on the learner. I specifically asked not to be spoon-fed as I seriously wanted to surf on my own. You can always tell her what you are comfortable with.

I wish I could have stayed longer on the island to learn more but I’ll definitely be back and will still get her as my instructor.
Martyn T
⏳ 12-2021

Best surf school in Siargao

Highly recommend Ulap Siyam for anybody that wants to get into surfing with the proper fundamentals and coaching. I had never surfed in my life before, but Coach Ana Mae and Loloy really taught me the fundamentals and guided me though every step of how to properly improve as a beginner surfer.

Coach Ana Mae and Loloy were really patient with teaching me and I really saw my improvement in every session. Most surfing coaches will not have the attention to detail that the coaches of Ulap Siyam have. The video analysis sessions after with Coach Ana really helped point out my errors and showed me ways on how to improve my surfing skills. Aside from training physically, we were also taught how to be prepared mentally going into every surf session and after. An aspect which is often left behind by a lot of coaches.

Anyone from new or experienced to surfing should definitely try Ulap Siyam as they will really see to it that you will achieve your goals as a surfer with an attention to detail.

I never would have found the love for surfing I had now if it weren’t for Coach Ana Mae and Loloy of Ulap Siyam. ????
Karl G.
⏳ 12-2021

Dream of being a surfer? Look no further

If you’re someone like me who just wants to get into the beautiful and amazing sport of surfing, then Ulap Siyam is the surf school for you. Coach Ana Mae and Coach Loloy are two top class professional surfers and instructors who will really make sure to show you the fundamentals of surfing. However, not only are they fantastic instructors, but they are absolutely wonderful human beings as well, who really look to share the joy and thrill that one feels when catching a wave. They’re teachers who care about your progress, who want to see you succeed, and when you fail, will show a never-ending amount of patience until you finally get it. They’re committed and dedicated to making your surf experience the best one possible.

Coach Ana Mae is warm, friendly, and a true professional. She was flexible enough to accommodate my last minute request of a 4:30AM surf the next day, and goes thru each session with an energy and passion for surfing that is unrivaled. She wants to see you learn the right way, and will push you to be the best surfer you can possibly be without a doubt!

Coach Loloy is funny, cool, and an insanely awesome surfer (just check out his IG page for all his snaps, carves, barrels, and airs). He has an amazing eye for detail, and will always correct your form, stance, or posture, to the smallest bit -- making you an even better surfer. He’ll make sure that you catch your own wave properly and will always have amazing stories to tell afterwards.

In short, these two are the best surf coaches anyone could ever hope for. While other coaches are only concerned about getting you to stand on your board -- with some even pushing you and taking the shortcuts, Coaches Ana Mae and Loloy allow you to grow to be your own independent surfer through hard work, attention to detail, and positive belief & encouragement! I’ll never forget their kindness and patience, as well as the fantastic coaching -- & I look forward to surfing with them again in the future!
Inigo Miguel De Austria
⏳ 12-2021

Online Surf Class 101s

Highly appreciate Coach Ana for being so warm, friendly, and patient. Her natural ability to explain surf basics, theories, and technicals make it easier for someone like me who loves to surf and only gets 3 to 4 surf breaks a year.

Anyone new or experienced should definitely go to Coach Ana. The importance of surf etiquette and everything in between (mindset, types of waves, gear, importance of fitness and health, etc) you’ll be getting from this champion lady!

My curiosity and love for the sport has grown since attending her class. Learn, be safe, get stoked, share the stoke, and rip! Yeeeew!
⏳ 12-2021

Best coach ever!!!

Best experience ever!!! Learned loads every training session while having a blast with good friends! Reviews, photos and videos together with the group where also rad!!! Can’t wait to continue with your coaching!!
Daniel Caltik
⏳ 12-2021

Top class professional service all-around!

They know what they are doing, top class professional service. If you are looking to learn surfing or improve your skills as well as gain knowledge in the science of surfing this is your one-stop place. The teaching approach is holistic, with the aid of videos that are taken during your session and post-surf analysis where your performance is examined in details by the instructor so you know what to avoid and where to improve.
In addition, Ana Mae is a boss lady so you can be sure she gets you waves even on a busy day ????

To sum up, thank you very much it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I will be back ❤️
Anniejane L
⏳ 12-2021

One of the best surfers in Siargao, and would definitely push you to be better in surfing

If you are a beginner and you want to be an independent surfer soon then this is the best school for you! Coach will teach you the most important etiquette on surfing esp. the proper placement on the board and will always gave you feedback on how to improve your stance. She will not baby sit you and would definitely push you to be a better and responsible surfer plus she`s also good at taking photos. Definitely worth to enroll. Looking forward for more surfing sesh!

A surf coach that will transform your surfing and confidence to the next level!

The best coaching money can buy. Ana Mae transformed the way I surf and taught me many things I didn’t realise. She is very detailed and knows surfing techniques so well it’s like second nature. Her video analysis is what really changed the game for me. Well worth the money and it was the best experience I had in Siargao.

Awesome Stoke with UlapSiyam!

I have been surfing for a few years now, and have always enjoyed being out in the ocean, and ride waves, but could not read and catch waves on my own yet. I recently wanted to progress with surfing - mainly be able to learn proper technique, master the basics, and ultimately gain independence and confidence to surf on my own.

Ulap Siyam Surf school is not just any surf school. Aside from the surf science fundamentals that they teach, what I loved most was that it was very personalized. Anamae made sure she understood and knew where my weak spots were and where I needed to improve. She was very detailed reviewing with me what went well and what didn’t after every session. Most of all she really listened, made it fun, and taught with all her heart.

Definitely highly recommended and five stars from me :)
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