Tinukib Cafe and Souvenirs, Iloilo City


💵 PHP 1,763 - PHP 5,540

🌏 Corner Jayme-Commission Civil Sts., Brgy. Benedicto, Jaro In front of Mara Travels and El Haciendero Hotel, Jaro Iloilo City, Iloilo City, Iloilo Province 5000 Philippines (View map)

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Location / Nearby Tinukib Cafe and Souvenirs, Iloilo City

About us

TINUKIB is a one stop shop (cafe, souvenir shop and museum) in Iloilo featuring the local products (coffee, handicrafts, delicacies, souvenir items) of Iloilo and Western Visayas . The core of Tinukib is more than just rediscovering the rich culture and products of the Ilonggos and what it has to offer globally, but also the worthier cause to help communities and enterprises.
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Image Tinukib Cafe and Souvenirs, Iloilo City

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