Suzhou Dimsum, Angeles City


🌏 1914 MacArthur Highway Balibago, Angeles City, Luzon 2009 Philippines (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 06-01-2017

Diamond in the rough

Being of Chinese descent, I've been craving Dimsum since moving to the Philippines. There are a few spots I have found that mainly sell the usual, steamed siomai of varying varieties. When I found Suzhou, it was a pleasant surprise. The dining area is not the most pleasant. Though not dingy, the owner(s) have not spent much time to create a pleasant dining experience (ambiance wise). The food however...absolutely delicious! My mom is Taiwanese and I have eaten some delicious food (from the States). Suzhou is right up there! Their Xioa Long Bao are the only ones in area, but are also delicious. 4 pieces for 110 pesos. Not too doughy, and just the right size. Even when some have been "punctured" they're still delicious. Some other recommendations are the scallion pancake (not traditional, but still good), rice cakes with minced meat and vegetables, and the Taiwanese beef noodle soup. Hot tea is also served (at no additional charge) as it should be in all dim sum establishments. Of all the restaurants in Pampanga, this is my #1 go to spot!

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