Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

💵 PHP 5,892 - PHP 6,093

🌏 131-A Sitio Lagundi, Barangay San Jose, Mabini, Luzon 4202 Philippines (View map)

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⏳ 07-2021

Great people and amenities for the price

The employees are great and very attentive to detail. The amenities are good for the price. You can do various activities offered by the resort itself, and locals in the area (Boat rides, diving, massages). The food options are mainly Filipino, but there are an assortment of options that doesn’t get boring for a weekend stay. I highly recommend this resort for its great employees, and its laid back attitude. The resort is near the road though, so if you have trouble sleeping due to car noises, that might be an issue for you. But otherwise, this is a very sweet place for parties and get togethers.
The Girl with the Muji Hat
⏳ 08-2019

dive, eat, repeat

Saltitude is located in one of the go-to diving spots in the south. If you want to have underwater recreation or if you want to pursue your diving certification, this place is where you should be at. The owners of this place are kind, skilled and happy divemasters :) You'd want to get acquainted with them :) Aside from a long list of water activities to do here, I recommend you stay here for the following reasons: 1. price 2. resort ambiance 3. comfort and cleanliness 4. unique rooms 5. food As usual, if you want a detailed review, please visit my blog. link is on my profile!
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⏳ 06-2019

Expect a Real Deal Satisfaction for your Ultimate Dive and Beach Experience

Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort is a quintessence of comfort, relaxing luxury and a great outdoors with a tropical vibe that makes everything fun and easy while on vacation. It redefines what exactly an eventual beach experience and the other kind of life at the beach (especially in Anilao) aside from diving which is usually the jump-off point for many divers. I had to chance to stay in the resort for 3 days and 2 nights to kick-off my summer getaway in my favorite getaway destination in the South, it’s Anilao of course! This trip is also memorable and special as I celebrated my birthday (Yihey!!!) intimately and privately in the newest beach haven in this tropical coastline. We stayed in one of the premiere Deluxe Rooms on the 2nd floor that has a panoramic view of Balayan Bay in front of the resort. That one alone is already outstanding coz it has a great eye view of the bay giving a perfect glimpse of the sunrise and the sunset magnificently. The petite yet adorable deluxe room promotes a very homey and relaxing atmosphere so you will definitely feel at home with its fresh modern design and good-value resort room concept that also takes pride in its guest room features and amenities. Adding extra design in the room is the pleasing aesthetics mostly entertaining and comical quotations that will surely get your attention and imaginative thinking. And yes, it’s a nice backdrop too for some Instagrammable-worthy shots that are worth remembering. The resort is beaming with a huge beachfront ground with tremendous blue water views and activates great outdoor sceneries. With a prime beachfront position, the grounds are all-out incredible with lots of open spaces complimented by its breezy and tranquil atmosphere and seemingly endless choice of lounging options, hammocks and cavanas where you can experience relaxing pleasure at its finest. There’s a huge parking space too in front of the resort so you have nothing to worry about where to park your car when visiting the resort. The resort offers a variety of water sports activities like Paddle Board and Kayak where you can explore Balayan Bay and do some sightseeing in the clear and calm ocean waters. Yes, I tried to do kayaking for like an hour and I really enjoyed it. I also tried to swim and snorkel around the house reef as the waters surrounding the area swarming with plenty of corals and diversity of fishes already without going to a far-flung part of the ocean. If you still want to play too hard in the sun, then you may opt to indulge in more serious water adventure activities, including Windsurfing and Scuba Diving. Meanwhile, experience the amazing wonder of Scuba Diving as the resort is the ideal starting point for diving which is about 20 to 30 minutes away from the most dive sites Anilao is famous for. Guests of the hotel will absolutely enjoy the great-tasting, locally-sourced and outright Filipino cuisine down to extensive intercontinental menu offered in the in-house restaurant that foodies will surely explode their craving palate big time. The menu servings are big and the selections are wide that include succulent mains such as varieties of Pasta and Pizza, Pork, Chicken and Vegetable specialties, Noodles, Big Breakfast Plates, appetizingly-good summer specials like Sandwiches, Gelato with its artisanal 3 local Batangas flavors, seasoned Fruit Shakes and the perennial local refreshment favorite Halo-Halo, finger-licking’ Bar Chow enjoyable bites like Nachos, varieties of Sisig available in Tofu, Pork and Chicken, Lechon Kawali, Garlic Sausage, BatanGambas, Cheese Platter, Fish & Fries, Garlic Mushroom, Soy Garlic and Buffalo Wings, Sizzling Spicy Squid and Chips. Keep an active lifestyle and a great pampering time with yourself (and your loved ones) over the shining sun on your salty (and adventurous) body whenever you visit Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort, the newest family-oriented and vacation hideaway in Anilao, Batangas. It’s about time to combine your leisure and adventure (and anything in between) trip into one unforgettable yet blissful travel experience you will treasure for a lifetime! Though, I still have an unfinished business yet as I need to do windsurfing (maybe another diving sessions will do haha) on my next visit! …
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