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⏳ 04-2020

A Superb Rest and Recreation Experience at Punta Verde Beach Resort

I had a chance to spend a serene yet cool and easy-going beach escapade at Punta Verde Beach Resort, a go-to tropical destination nestled at the little-discovered but nature-blessed Municipality of Lobo in the province of Batangas. The resort is perfect for your next ultimate resort vacation with your family and friends and best recommended for couples who want to spend quality time together. Punta Verde Beach Resort is a remote hideaway specially designed to ensure that guests will feel the most complete, relaxing and unforgettable vacation where you can bask in the awe-inspiring tropical landscape and scenic location, lush tropical reserve, and greenery surroundings consist of palm trees and tropical plants, the warmth of the ocean that fills your senses, beauty of nature and functional setting of the entire location that secures privacy and tranquility during your stay, the cool evening breeze and of course, the exceptional experience awaiting for you making your visit the most relaxing and calmest vacation you will surely cherish (I swear!). Getting there is about a two to three-hour drive from Manila depending on the volume of the traffic. One of the best things to do if you’re in the resort is to have a refreshing dip to cool off yourself at the iconic radiant blue infinity-edge pool considered as one of the favorite spots in the resort mainly because of its picture-perfect surrounding aesthetics, unrivaled views and astounding scenery of the Verde Island Passage alongside the stunning mountain views to create a memorable experience. And yes, the infinity pool area is an Instagram-worthy spot you will absolutely love for your photos collection (just like what I did!). So always bring your camera with you not to miss out on a fantastic moment. The infinity pool is situated high atop the picturesque cliffs ideally for relaxation where guests can bask in the poolside by day and experience noteworthy sunsets in the evening after spending hours bumming at the ocean or exploring the lush tropical surroundings within the property. The resort has private shorelines and exclusive beachfront escapes adding exciting highlights and a little bit of adventure to your visit. The beach here is rocky rather than sandy that effortlessly blends with the crystal-clear water, magnificent rock formations, and other distinctive views that alone are worth the trip to experience. The breathtaking oceanfront is the best spot to cool off in the summer (or any given time even though it’s not summer season) and take a dip in the water and play with the fun shine of the sun either before or after lounging in the infinity pool. It is also a reef-protected diving site for some underwater adventure especially if you’re a licensed diver or snorkeling along the majestic coral reef in the water. The site is also a perfect spot to watch the sunset over the reef and its calming water. During our visit, we stayed in the decadently large and straightforward Premium Room with wood-beamed ceilings, a comfy Queen-sized bed complemented by four pillows, 2 big couches, a few minimalist adornments, oversized bathrooms en suite toilet and bath with water heater packed with essential toiletries and bath towels for use, and enormous beach-facing terraces. This spacious and bright and breezy room is equipped with an air-conditioning unit in the room located mere steps going to the beach and of course, it has direct access on the beachfront. Have a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant located in front of the infinity pool that serves mouthwatering comfort food and a myriad of Asian fusion selections from the Philippines that include appetizers, soup, noodles, sandwiches, mains, breakfast specials, desserts, refreshments, and hot drinks. During our stay, we were treated with a variety of comforting and truly satisfying full-board meals starting with afternoon snacks then a set of deliciously-prepared dinner on the first day. On the next day, complimentary breakfast was served followed by heavy lunch meals and afternoon snacks before checking-out in the resort. Aside from spending time at the resort’s infinity-edge pool and the private beachfront, one of the unforgettable experience I did inside is to roam and wander around its very own private nature reserve where you’ll feel delighted to its natural world experiences as it blends smoothly with its pristine environment, a coastal temperature and charming ecosystems where you can easily reconnect to nature and relish life’s simple pleasures. It’s also a nice outlet for your cardio exercise strolling in the lush walking pathways and stairs made of stones and bricks that connect to the villas and other accommodations room up to the dining restaurant and the infinity pool area. Simply, it’s like eco-adventures meet beach escapade and tropical holiday vacation in one fame. If you are a photography enthusiast, there are a lot of scenic views and appealing sights where you can use it as the subject. On the other hand, if you love to pose in front of the camera, you can easily find the right angle in its natural setting as everything is Instagram-worthy you can flaunt wonderfully. There’s also a Kid zone area near the reception where they can play and mingle with other kids and kids (at heart) in their idle time. You can also relax and lounge slowly in the wooden tables and chairs that spread out under the shade of a big tree with a panoramic view of the ocean and a breezy atmosphere all over the place. Get yourself up and bring over your family and friends (or anyone you loved) for a beach vacation to truly chill out yet pampered yourself for a relaxing escape at Punta Verde Beach Resort, the hidden hideaway perfectly amid the tropical landscape that is becoming synonymous as the go-to weekend (or any given day) destination over the South. Expect nothing but these immense experience – Beach bumming, Refreshing swim, Chilling factor, Tropical vibe, Secluded/Exclusivity, Calming effect, Stunning views, Laidback vibe, Tasteful menu, Friendly people and anything you can imagine for a wonderful beach holiday. Enjoy and have fun! …
Romel L
⏳ 03-2020

An Undiscovered Country - Punta Verde Resort

My family and I came to the Philippines from the USA at the beginning of the month to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday with the rest of our local kinfolks. During the first three days in the Philippines, we stayed in a 5-star luxury hotel in Makati before going to Laguna province to party with friends and family. As a respite from our hectic schedule, we (family of 4 + 90-year old mother) spent the next three days after the celebration in an unpretentious Punta Verde Resort (at least to me since I’ve only heard about it). Our landcruiser trekked from Laguna to Lobo, Batangas through narrow, winding roads up and down the mountain, guided only by signage that reads, “This way to Punta Verde Resort – It’s Worth The Trip” and which, in effect, sets my level of expectation. It made one wonders what the surprise maybe waiting in a very remote, desolate, end-of-the-world kind of place. When our landcruiser pulled over across a high-walled facility, the manager of the resort greeted and welcomed us. Two of her staff took our luggage to a couple of adjoining cottages (DAO A & B) while we sat at the restaurant, drinking water in front of an infinity pool and the picturesque view of the bay and Mindoro island in the horizon. I can’t help but admire the vision of the owners, transforming the landscape into an eco-friendly tourist oasis with cottages nestled in the natural vegetation. It gave us a feeling of discovering a new country. It was so fascinating to see swallows (“laying-layang”) skimming the pool to drink and, at night, complete silence was only broken by the chirps of crickets, ticking sound of the house lizard (local name “butiki”) and occasional “tak – ko” sound of the Philippine gecko (local name “tuko”). Jetlag didn’t even prevent us from having the best sleep thus far. The size of the rooms were comparable to studio rooms in luxury hotels. Cottages were like fusion of old Philippines and Western architecture. Our days were spent either swimming or simply hanging out at the pool, or trekking the trail down to the Hidden Cove, walking along the rocky shores, and up the resort through the gate off the Pavillon. I believe the owners promote family bonding and branding a “No WIFI” resort. At night, the resort was lit by scallop capiz pendant light adorning Sampaloc trees like a Christmas tree. An added bonus to the resort is the owner’s museum that was reachable via a hanging bridge – a must see for Philippines history lovers and knife collectors, as the museum offers an impressive collection of original foot soldiers’ bayonets from all over the world; some dating as far back as the 18th century. We picked the DAO cottages because the trail from these cottages to the pool/restaurant was relatively flat that my mother can walk with little assistance. To our surprise, she managed to walk across the hanging bridge and visit the museum with us. Food was decent. Breakfast was typical fried egg, “longganisa”, tocino, and fried (marinated) fish. Lunch and dinner menus were also typical Filipino vegetable (“ampalaya” with eggs, spicy beans in coconut milk etc.) and meat (adobo) dishes. On one occasion, the staff offered us freshly caught fish (“lapu-lapu”) which we had the small ones cooked “sinigang” and the bigger ones grilled. We were told this was not an everyday occurrence, but residents may request the staff so they can notify local fisherman for fresh supply whenever available. Amazing! Now, the million dollar question is, “Was it worth the trip?” The short answer is a big capital, YES; the resort more than exceeded our expectations. By the way, the resort is expanding - building a second infinity pool and finishing a new cottage next to DAO. I’m pretty sure that the construction of the nearby national road, connecting Laiya and Lobo, will bring more tourists into the area and, with this, more novelty improvement on the resort. The sad part was we only have three days to stay and have to leave the Philippines, back to the grind of our real world. But, we will always treasure the relaxing moments we had at Punta Verde Resort and will be longing for the next opportunity to come back; most probably, for an extended stay. Thank you Punta Verde staff for your hospitality and warm reception. …
Ronald Fornis Paglinawan
⏳ 01-2020

One of the best resorts in Batangas

Of all the resorts I have visited in Batangas, this is one of the best. If you want to get away from the social media and the busy city life for a while, this is the best place to be. The ambience there is very calming and you will only hear the sounds of waves and the birds singing in the trees. Most of their cottages are new and very clean. Their infinity pool is very picturesque and overlooking the sea towards Mindoro and Verde island. Their food at the restaurant are mouth watering and for coffee lovers they have coffee 'kapeng barako' which is really good. They also have a museum about the Spanish era in Philippines and World War II artifacts. So if you are a museum lover you will appreciate it. Their staff are very friendly and very helpful. They also have a nature trail and a camp site with a grill area. They also have access to the beach which you can swim for free. They also have small playground for the kids. So if you a foreign tourist or a local looking for something new and quiet place, all I can say is that really worth it to try to visit this resort! ???? …
Nora L
⏳ 12-2019

Punta Verde Resort is a gem and one of the finest resorts that I've been to!

I have been to many beach resorts around the world (including Bahamas, Senegal, Mexico, Thailand, USA) and Punta Verde is one of the finest resorts that I’ve been to. The resort was immaculately clean and beautifully designed. Cottages seemed to blend perfectly with nature; they were spread throughout the property and were comfortably set apart from each other. My cottage (“Dao”) sat on a cliff and had a deck that overlooked the clear blue ocean. I totally enjoyed all the activities that the resort had to offer. I swam in the infinity pool, took the nature trail up the mountain, checked out other cottages sprinkled throughout the resort, walked the hanging bridge, took a hike down to the hidden cove and swam on the beach. I also visited the resort’s museum and learned a lot about Philippine history and admired antique war weapons. The restaurant served traditional Filipino foods and I loved every dish that I tried. I definitely plan to come back! …
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