Plantation Bay Resort And Spa


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

πŸ’΅ PHP 10,122 - PHP 16,165

🌏 Marigondon, Lapu Lapu 6015 Philippines (View map)

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WHY YOUR NEXT VACATION SHOULD BE WITH US. A vacation in Plantation Bay will be more prudent than in most resorts for the following reasons: A. Plantation Bay is a complete destination resort, where they can spend their entire holiday without ever going outside where they might be exposed at random to the virus. B. Plantation Bay is very spread out, and almost all its facilities are open-air. As now scientifically proven, most Covid-19 transmission occurs in close-contact indoor situations in which people stay close together for long periods. By its unique open-air design, Plantation Bay is inherently unconducive to catching Covid-19. There are no enclosed corridors and elevators where the virus may linger in the air up to 4 hours after someone coughed in that space, and we have vast lagoons and pools where people will not be tightly-packed. There are a lot of activities that guests can do inside the resort, so guests will not be tempted to go out where they might catch the virus in public markets or lower-end restaurants.
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Lee Grint
⏳ 10-2021

Beautiful hotel - nice resort

I've stayed here at Plantation Bay 3 times now and each time has been very good. The resort itself is very nice, with luxurious pools & activities on site. The staff are very nice and helpful. The fitness centre has become a little aged and I would say it's time to upgrade some of the equipment, once travel becomes the normality again. I recommend this hotel for families or couples, who wish to stay within a resort hotel itself. The hotel offers various restaurants on site (all of which are very nice and reasonable prices).
Louie Boracay
⏳ 09-2021

Beautiful resort in Mactan

I love plantation Bay it has a very large pool beautiful garden it’s perfect for families for kids and for staycation with friends the offer good food in the restaurant they offer free tour around the hotel and they are very welcoming and accommodating even for none in houseguest
Micah C
⏳ 05-2021

Stay at Plantation

Amenities were in decent condition. Food was good. The best part was the staff. Staff are very friendly, accommodating, and patient. They are well trained and very polite. While there may have been a PR flunk recently, it has nothing to do with individuals who pour out their best efforts into creating a wonderful experience for their guests.
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