Pintuyan Dive Resort


⏰ 0:00 - 24:00

πŸ’΅ PHP 2,014 - PHP 5,892

🌏 San Ricardo Road Barangay Caubang, Liloan, Pintuyan, Southern Leyte Province 6614 Philippines (View map)

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  • Family rooms

Language spoken

English, Spanish, Filipino, German

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About us

The resort is located far away of any big cities on the island Southern Leyte, to be more exact on the island Panaon. The island is known for its numerous whale shark sightings. Our resort offering 4 standard and 1 superior bungalow. 2 standard and 1 superior apartment is ideal for relaxation. Enjoy cooling-down in between in our fresh water-swimming pool.
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Image Pintuyan Dive Resort

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⏳ 04-2020

Whaleshark paradise

It’s a little tricky to get there, but you can book transportation from the ferry to get to the resort. It might be a little bit more pricy, but at least you don’t have to worry about anything. The place is spotless. Food is great and PLENTY! Often we would just eat breakfast and dinner, and maybe have a small snack. Ralf is straight forward, so of you are from the US or Canada you might have to get used to his direct ways, but he was super nice with us. He is a β€žwhat you see is what you getβ€œ kinda type. No talking behind your back. Which we really appreciate. He is very nice too when someone is scared of anything. My husband was worried about diving but he had a great time with Ralf. Ralf also cares about the animals and the reef. He is 100% diver and loves the ocean. We were really lucky. We went out three times and saw whale sharks twice. He will also try to send you out when there are no other tourists. We had a wonderful time. His crew is lovely, and so is his wife. We were lucky so at the time we were there they were only a few guests = it felt very exclusive. We want to thank you all for a great time. Especially sending my brand new Lycra shirt to Cebu (I was stupid enough to leave it in the room). We wish you all the best in these hard times for all travel related businesses! Big hug from Germany, Ricardo & Jenny …
Kano 67
⏳ 01-2020

Love This Place !

The diving was okay but this place is just nice to relax and enjoy the small town community. The location is really special. Even though the beach is rocky, it is still pleasant and clean. I love this area of Leyte. It's a bit remote and hardly any tourists. I was on a motorcycle and enjoyed driving up the mountain for the view of both east and west oceans. The resort location faces west so you can get a spectacular sunset. I watched three sunsets but one night was very special out of the three. Ralf runs a well maintained complex and the staff is super friendly and good. The room comes with dinner and breakfast and the food was good. You won't go away hungry for sure. I first thought the room price was a touch high for the area but when you figure the dinner and breakfast, it's really a good deal, especially for two people or more. I will be returning there soon just to enjoy the location and relax. I am hopeful the small town feeling won't change any time soon. I know special places have a tendency to get ruined by high tourism but I am thinking positive that this place will remain quiet and quaint. …
⏳ 02-2018

Amazing, remote, unspoilt.

The only place in the Philippines where you can ethically see (or attempt to see) whale sharks in their natural environment. Other locations in the country that offer whale shark viewing/Snorkelling feed the water with shrimp paste to attract the sharks and hundreds of tourists jump in at once. Here there is none of that... there were 3 of us on a small boat searching for a long time before we got to see one... and then 2 more. Swimming with these gentle giants is an incredible privilege. Owner Ralf and his staff are extremely professional and offer a wonderful experience. While there I also did 3 dives and saw some beautiful marine life. The food is great value, the rooms are comfortable and the fact that very few people are there adds to the feeling that you are somewhere very special. …
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