Perfect Loaf Bakery And Cafe, Angeles City


⏰ 06:00 - 20:00

🌏 Teresa Avenue Corner St. Joseph St., Nepo Mart Complex, Angeles City, Luzon Philippines (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 09-01-2020

First Aid

The wife and I try to eat here during our visit home, we have always had exceptional service and food. This last trip, due to my own clumsiness, I fell going up the entrance steps. Without hesitation, the staff was doing everything possible to ensure I was not hurt. I had ice placed on my knee because they thought it looked hurt. I had minor bleeding on my big toe, it was bandaged. Really, I was more embarrassed then hurt. I do want to thank a waiter for all his concerns for me, John Patrick Lingao, thank you for everything.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 08-01-2020

Great for breakfast

We always visit this place when in the area for breakfast. Highly recommend the combo meals with fried egg, fried rice and combination of either dried squid (pusit), beef tapa, tocino, etc. Staff are very friendly and hospitable. Prices are reasonable. A must visit.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 07-01-2020

Perfect Loaf is a Perfect Place

Perfect Loaf is the perfect place for a light meal or amazing bakery goods! The atmosphere is casual and the bakery is immaculate. Decor is vintage 80s and comfortable. Staff are polite and reliable and you cannot go wrong eating here if you are near the centre of Angeles. It really hasn’t changed much in 20 years which is good since the food is so tasty. If they have tocino I recommend that but really anything breakfast to dinner should be a treat. Enjoy!
👆 Mobile ⏳ 01-04-2018

Amazing bfast

We had a great bfast and amazing choices. We had beed tapa, tawilis and lucban longganisa.. very well recommended. They served warm and fresh. Classic bakery as well.. They also sell pastries and home made bread. Will highly recommend this place to all my friends and relatives.

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