Mr Sunmoon Seafood House, San Juan


🌏 One Kennedy Place Unit 1, San Juan, Luzon 1503 Philippines (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 10-04-2019

The Best Crab Sotanghon

This was a small restaurant with a small number of parking spots. Decor was functional. The best dish here was the crab with sotanghon noodles. The noodles really soaked up all the great flavor from the crab and broth making this dish the favorite of the table. Crab was cracked open for us and meat was delicious. The noodles just exploded with taste. Dish was priced at market so was the most expensive one for our dinner. The kikiam was like a sausage but the pork and vegetables blend was wrapped with bean curd sheet and then fried lending to a good crunch when eating. Ketchup or siracha worked well as sauces. The braised tofu, fish and vegetables was rich and saucy making this another great tasting dish for the night. The steamed shrimp came with a soy dipping sauce and were easy to peel and eat. As the restaurant wasn’t full we had multiple servers attending to our table and overall did a very good job. Definitely will keep coming back for the crab sotanghon.

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