Milagros Private Kitchen, Tagaytay


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🌏 1640 Maglabe Drive Barangay Guinhawa South, Tagaytay, Luzon 1420 Philippines (View map)

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Milagros Private Kitchen hosts intimate gatherings served directly by chef Al in the comfort and seclusion of our private kitchen. Choose from our Set Menus featuring specialties from heirloom recipes and enjoy a unique home-cooked dining experience dining al fresco in Tagaytay’s lovely weather. Able to accommodate up to 24 people, Milagros Private Kitchen features an outdoor garden dining area that plays off of the inviting ambience of its natural surroundings. Filipino-made designs as well as the family’s personal elements accent the gentle color palette and the simple dΓ©cor of the Milagros’ private kitchen. Our ingredients are handpicked by our chef from local markets to deliver a personalized menu. Dine and celebrate with family and friends while enjoying the privacy set by our exclusive venue. Call us today to reserve your for your special occasion!
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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 14-07-2019

Unbelievable Dining Experience

I just chanced upon Milagros Private Kitchen when I was searching for restaurants to eat in Tagaytay. I would visit the province regularly during summer, and have pretty much eaten at most of the well known restaurants there. I became interested in trying out the food at Milagros, which is anything but the typical dining place. For starters, Milagros is a private residence, not a restaurant. The Chef can only accommodate one group of diners per meal - hence, a 50% down payment and reservations are required. Milagros also has a set menu for a minimum of 2 persons, and you must choose your appetiser, salad etc on their website before your visit. The place is not hard to find. The house itself is small but the garden is sprawling, and filled with herbs used for the food. The food is quite pricey by Filipino standards but it you will definitely get your money’s worth. The taste of all the dishes was divine, and there was no need for condiments at all. Servings are also generous (we had lots of leftovers) and the staff are very attentive. Aside from the food itself, the Chef is proud of the personalised service that he gives his guests. I highly recommend Milagros for dates and family affairs, and I’ll definitely return!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 19-05-2019

Eraine's Birthday

great food and place. my daughter loved it so much. very private, highly recommended. many thanks Chef Al.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 07-02-2018

Your home and kitchen, away from home!

I was looking for a special place to celebrate my 50th birthday with my family in Tagaytay as this is a sort of tradition for us. I chanced upon Milagros Kitchen and got interested with all those very positive reviews. So I booked the place without even knowing where it was or if the food is really good. When I got to the place, I felt like I have just arrived at a relatives house (which is good...) as there are no indications of a restaurant except that the front yard is wide enough to park at least 5 SUV's. We were then ushered to the backyard where the dining area is set. The rustic open-air ambiance made it more appealing. After a few pleasantries, our selected set menu was served. With how Chef AL prepared the dishes, I almost forgot that we were just having traditional bulalo, tawilis, and inihaw. Dessert was great with coffee and tea freshly prepared. We even got to pick herbs in the garden to use it for fresh tea. It was great to learn that my family was really happy with me bringing them there. We had photo sessions and loitered around as if we own the place. Our gracious host, Let, even helped my wife prepare her birthday surprises for me. When it was time for us to go home, i felt like I was leaving (again) a relatives place.So with this feeling, you would expect me to come back here. Maybe this time for dinner and let Chef AL bring my palate to another dimension.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 14-01-2017

Intimate dining experience

For a restaurant to stand out in a busy tourist destination like Tagaytay where hundreds of restaurants offering a wide of dishes abound, one must offer food that are really good or must provide a different kind of dining experience. In Milagros, you get to enjoy both, which is why it immediately distinguished itself among the best restaurants I have been in in Tagaytay. Milagros Private Kitchen features an outdoor garden dining area that can accommodate up to 24 people. When we dined, our family of 10 was the only one they accommodated for a memorable birthday celebration. Chef Al prepared his specialty dishes which included Deep fried Tawilis (P200), Tinapa Salad (P220), Porchetta Tagalog (P600), Shrimp Lumpia (P420 (12pcs)), and Milagros Bulalo (P650). For dessert, we tried Suman, Manga at Macapuno (P180) and Turon at Tsokolate (P221). All the dishes were wonderful, prepared differently, and presented beautifully. My top pick is the porchetta Tagalog. This slow roasted pork belly was so moist in the inside but the skin was so crispy good. It was served with a sweetened sampaloc glaze that made the dish even more delectable, and came with roasted eggplant and okra. I also loved the shrimp lumpia because of the freshness of the vegetables and the addition of shrimp. It was so good I got to finish half dozen of the lumpia. One should also not miss the Milagros bulalo because of its meat was fork-tender and its soup slightly sweet because of the addition of corn. Dining in Tagaytay won't be complete without tawilis so make sure to try also the deep fried tawilis which was served with fresh garden salad. For dessert, the trio of suman (sticky rice), ripe mango, and sweetened macapuno, and the pair of turon (sliced saba wrapped in lumpia wrapper) and chocolate dip were absolute must-trys. One thing I admire about Milagros is its use of pesticide-free vegetables straight from its own garden and its support to local farmers. Chef Al even shared to us bits of information about the plants he has in his garden. Dining in Milagros is by reservation only so be sure to contact them first if you want to visit. The garden is perfect for picture taking so be sure to bring a camera. The restaurant is just a few meters away from the Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Watch for the Milagros and letter M signages along Maglabe Drive in Brgy. Guinhawa South. Milagros does not allow pets. It can get very cold at night so make sure to bring a jacket. If you don't have one, shawls are provided to warm up guests.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 06-06-2015

Delectable, Charming, Intimate With a Touch of Class

This charming place is a gem! They serve a wonderful selection of Filipino comfort dishes with a delightful touch of sass. Our favorites where the Crispy Tawilis Salad, Tiim na Manok, Adobong Puti, Lemongrass Ice Tea and the unforgettable dessert in the form of Mangga, Suman at ready to order doubles! Chef AL will even recommend pairings to further enhance your dining pleasure. The setting is also enough to get you in the mood for a relaxing and intimate, dining experience, that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Milagros is perfect for small family gatherings, reunions among friends and mid-sized workshops. Take comfort in the fact that they use organic vegetables (they have a garden on site) and local ingredients only. And did I mention their homemade Bagoong (shrimp paste)? It is SUPER!!!! Ask/order for it. The Filipino in you won't regret it! -HCP
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 05-06-2015

Something Different :)

We've all been to the best restaurants in Tagaytay. It's refreshing to know that there's a quaint new place in Tagaytay. <3

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