Mangunguna Seafood Bar & Grill, Bolinao


🌏 Barangay Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Luzon 2406 Philippines (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 22-02-2020

Excellent food and service

Myself and myfamily visited the resturant for dinner last month. We both throoughly enjoyed the great food and relaxed atmosphere. The service was wonderful and the staff was very friendly. We would recommend this for English travellers.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 07-02-2020

Best in Patar Area

Highly recommended. The prices are very reasonable ( sinigang na Malaga / samaral 220 pesos, ensalada with LatΓ΄ 130 pesos, sizzling bangus sisig 200 pesos, nilasing na.hipon 150.pesos, crispy baguio vegetables 130.pesos) , the food taste great, very clean toilet , distilled service water, big parking area. The sinigang na Malaga and grilled Sungayan was very fresh. 8 am.- 9 pm. Only draw back is they open at 8 am. for breakfast.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 07-03-2019


We love this restaurant, this is the best restaurant in this area. very good food, big portion, good price, good servic, very nice sitting and nice people. my favorite dish was sizzling pork. Definitely will be back, thank you!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 24-02-2019

wanting to eat a lot

the place is very relaxing, the crew is very nice very attentive,the foods are delicious freshly cook,and the best off all the prices are very reasonable
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 15-09-2018

Yummy food

Great food and service, Filipino food has great variety. Dont expect tempura sauce on their tempura though. Priced right. Christian owned and they have bible verses on posts. Cool.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 12-04-2018

Great grills!

Similar to Taklobo. Food choices is almost the same except for the whole grilled chicken .. there is non in Mangunguna but food taste is almost the same. We spent less than 4000 for a group of 16. We did not even consume everything. We even have left over grilled bangus (whole) and fish kilawin (kilawin is raw fish marinated in vinegar, onion, ginger, chili, etc)
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 20-05-2017

Our wonderful lunch.

There food was so good specially the seafoods and reasonable price. The staff were very friendly and caring.

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