Kasa Raya Cafe, Tibiao


💵 PHP 2,468 - PHP 7,504

🌏 Km 172 Iloilo-Antique Road Barangay Importante, Tibiao, Antique Province 5707 Philippines (View map)

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About us

Kasa Raya Cafe specializes in creative cuisine. We take pride in our original recipe food and beverage selections such as our chicken adobo, pork humba, beef tapa. We also have our daily specials which are fresh catch and harvest of the day. Our guests enjoy our signature Kape Kasa Raya which has a native chocolate base (tableya) and 3 shots of espresso. See you where the mountains meet the sea!
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Image Kasa Raya Cafe, Tibiao

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 10-10-2017

Real Pinoy Food

Your palate wont lie when you tasted the food serve in Casa Raya. They cook Antique good gourmet style. The price too is very affordable.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 21-09-2017

Serves nothing but local, quality dishes!

In my 4 days in Antique, never did I go hungry because I was well fed in Kasa Raya Cafe. My breakfast was always served on-time, and were all interestingly delicious. Interesting because I never had a juicy/saucy tapa or a sweet humba dish served as a breakfast meal. I also enjoyed the fact that coffee (3-in-1) was available, at anytime of the day! Whenever my group and I would eat our meals at Kasa Raya Cafe, we were always treated to a local cuisine, all lovingly prepared by the owners and his kitchen staff: Joy and Emy. It was only in Kasa Raya was I able to experience Antique's local dishes (some were on the menu, some were personally cooked for just our group), some of which were Lapwa, Chicken Porbida (my favorite!), Pinamarhan (fish cooked in vinegar until dry), Papisik (chicken that's traditionally cooked in clay pot that's wrapped in banana leaf, and cooked on top of a bed of salt), and Kilawin Humuy-Humuy. Eating in Kasa Raya was an experience on its own! I definitely enjoyed my gastronomic journey with them.
👆 Web ⏳ 21-06-2017

Great Coffee and Good Food

Kasa Raya Cafe serves the best homemade tapsilog. adobosilog, and humbasilog in Antique for a price that won't hurt your pocket. They also offer delicious vegan dishes for the picky eaters and have specialties of the day that are equally delicious. I definitely recommend this humble eatery in Antique. Another 5 stars for Kasa Raya Cafe! :)

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