Kang San Ae, Angeles City


🌏 Lot 47 Friendship Highway Anunas, Angeles City, Luzon 2009 Philippines (View map)

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Ghee T
👆 Mobile ⏳ 07-10-2017

Love it here

Very affordable and delicious food! Im a regular customer. Theres a lot of food to choose. I love their chopsticks lol. Good food.
Jonathan B
👆 Web ⏳ 05-12-2016

Cheap Korean BBQ Buffet

With the influx of Korean businesses at Clark, it is not surprising that a thriving Koreatown has sprung up outside of Friendship Gate. After a five-day convention, I was in the mood for something different, so I headed to the area. There were many, many all-you-can-eat samgyeopsal buffets for 250 pesos. I love samgyeopsal, but I wanted a little variety, and I found Kang San Ae almost at the end of the commercial district. For 299 pesos, they added four more meats (one chicken and three beefs) as well as half-a-dozen mains dishes, two soups veggies, and fruit. This restaurant will not make me forget Seoul or LA. The meat quality is typical for the region. But it was well prepared, and it tasted good. You cant ask for more than that, especially for $6. The woo sam gyup (beef bacon) was surprisingly good. And after the meal, the watermelon was a nice touch to cleanse the palate. Over all, this was a good meal. Add that it cost the same as a burger closer to the main gate, and it was an excellent meal

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