JUNNO DELICAFE, Cagayan de Oro


🌏 B1-B2 MonteCarlo Bldg, Lifestyle District Corrales Avenue, Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao 9000 Philippines (View map)

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Image JUNNO DELICAFE, Cagayan de Oro

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 06-11-2018

Excellent choice for late night meals

Satisfying Dutch-inspired bar chow. Mostly deep-fried stuff; great taste but decidedly unhealthy. Interesting choices including rillettes (crispy dumplings stuffed with minced chicken paste), kaassoufflΓ© (cheese nuggets, essentially) and bitterballen (corned beed croquettes). The drinks selection is just fine.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 03-01-2018

Perfect of late night out.

For me, a place to go when I’m in cdo. It’s part of a bigger area called lifestyle district, it is my favorite place... actually my place for night life in the city of golden friendship. They offer not only small snacks ( European- Dutch ) but some main dishes as well. Good choice of beer and liquor to choose from. Nice staff.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 18-08-2016

Try to beleve..best in town

I have been in this place for the first time..my friend was the one to order few things on the menu....i realy can say the food here is very delicious and different from the others...a real treat..the owner a great host!
Lorens Z
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 24-04-2016

A level above all others

When you think of great but uncomplicated food with wines, beer or cocktails in Cagayan de Oro then its definitely Junno's. Whenever I visit I really appreciate everything in this European style risto-lounge & bar. Distinguished by polite and attentive service, a very rare thing here in the Philippines and a passionate and meticulous Dutch owner who knows how to please his guests. It is the one of few places I dare to take foreign visitors and friends because I know that they will be happy. Italians (!!) are enthusiastic about Junno's pesto with salmon pasta or the one with bacalao, Americans love the juicy steaks, Filipinos get crazy about the Buttermilk fried chicken and even the French love to eat the salads. One of the unique dishes, also one of my favourites, is toasted are the toasted pinchos with bacalao or crabsalad. A lot of these tapa-style dishes go well with red or white wine but for those who want a main there is plenty to choose from the menu. An example for everyone. Go Junno go...
Nathan Paul D
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 14-03-2016

Underrated awesomness

I already have plans with friends to have dinner here. The food is absolutely delicious. You actually don't really care how much you're paying because it's all worth it.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 03-12-2015

Fried KitKat.... Mmmmm

We didn't have a full meal here (we'll be back for that another time), but we took our desert here and a couple of drinks. Service is really nice, friendly and quick. The place itself is very welcoming and has a great atmosphere. The fried KitKat with icecream is a must-take... What a treat!

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