Jollibee, Santiago City


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🌏 Rafael Rueda Bldg, Santiago City, Iloilo Province Philippines (View map)

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👆 Web ⏳ 04-07-2010

Very friendly staff

We visited our relatives in Isabela during the Holy Week and it's good to know that this fastfood resto is open during Good Friday. For those who don't know, as being a Catholic country almost everything stop to operate during Good Friday, the traffic in Metro Manila is almost non-existent as a number of people go to their own province of spend their vacation outside the city. We waited more than 1 hour in this restaurant for our relatives to meet us there and I found out that almost everyone is enthusiastic in helping us out where to stay overnight, where to go, the schedule of masses etc... I felt that it is like talking to your friends and they were giving us pieces of advice as if we are their relatives. They are really an asset to Jollibee but unfortunately that they are just being hired as temporary workers.

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