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場所 / 最寄り Hotel Maya

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⏳ 06-2017

The place to stay in Culion

This is by far the best place to stay in Culion...friendly staff...close to everything: the historic church and fort...the level-2 hospital (the referral hospital of the Calamian Islands)...the Museum--the perfect jump-off for the walking tour of the historic town...and the boat landings for the island -hopping tour. Love that the sound of the breaking waves lull you to sleep at night and the stunning view of sunrise rouse you in the morning.
Jasmine F
⏳ 01-2017

Gorgeous, friendly, not-touristy, one-of-a-kind stay in Culion

We stayed at Hotel Maya for 5 days and it was by the far the most incredible trips I've ever taken. You land at Busuanga Airport on Coron Island, then take a beautiful 1-1/2 hour boat ride to Hotel Maya. (The boat ride itself will blow you away. The sights are gorgeous!) Hotel Maya is small hotel (I think there are only 5 rooms) on the northeastern edge of Culion. It's an eco-hotel that has solar power and I believe the money the hotel makes also goes towards funding the local school. (So you're money's going to a good cause!) It's a simple, no-frills hotel that has some of the most stunning views on the island. It looks out over a beautiful bay and the view from the backyard simply can't be beat. The staff is wonderfully accommodating, friendly, and helpful. The hotel's rooms and amenities are simple, yet comfortable. There's a fan and an air conditioner in the room, or you can open all the windows, so you can really control the temperature in the room. My only complaints are the wifi didn't work very well and I wish the lighting in the room were brighter since I read a lot at night. There's nothing fancy here, but what the hotel lacks in fancy amenities it more than makes up for in views and overall experience. We woke up every morning with the sunrise because you don't want to miss it. The view out the window is stunning and the perfect way to start your day. You also can eat at the restaurant on the premises. It's very affordable, and you just have to tell the staff what you'd like to order ahead of time and what time you plan on coming down for your meal. It's not gourmet food, but it's good and we ate almost all our meals there. Culion is one of the most fascinating and unique places I've ever been, but there are hardly any tourists which adds to the charm and the overall experience. If you're looking for a fancy, all-inclusive resort kind of stay or an exciting nightlife, this isn't the place for you. However, if you want a serene, down-to-earth, relaxing, and unforgettable vacation I can't urge you enough to stay here. Don't expect any tourist maps or a list of things to do around Culion. Those don't exist. We just walked around town (it's hard to get lost, but if you do anyone on the island would be happy to point you back in the right direction) and locals were excited to see us, wave hello, and chat. There are signs in English everywhere pointing out the local history of the island. Culion was a former leper colony (it was declared leprosy free in 2006) but they're proud of their history of taking care of a population that was heavily discriminated against and of also being a part of the search for a cure for leprosy. It's a truly fascinating story and I encourage visitors to go to the local museum, wander the island to read the signs, and chat with the locals---many of them are direct descendants of lepers. Come nighttime, the sun sets and island is pitch black and quiet. You'll go to bed early because there's not much to do after dinner, but that's ok, because you'll want to get up bright and early to catch the sunrise. To fill our days we booked tours ahead of time with Kawil Tours. Along with our excellent guide Elee and a friendly boat crew, we we went island hopping to a bunch of pristine beaches, snorkeling at a coral reef and a sunken WWII ship, and went fishing! They even prepared our lunches for us, which we ate beachside staring at the water. It was incredible! Definitely book a tour through Kawil Tours! Staying at Hotel Maya and visiting Culion is for travelers who want a unique non-touristy experience, who aren't afraid to explore on their own, talk/hang with locals, and don't mind simple accommodations. …
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