Islanders Paradise Beach


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🌏 Sandugan, Larena Philippines (View map)

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Adam J
⏳ 05-2017

My absolute top

If I had to come up with one single resort I'd like to be right now I would say this place. It was absolutely calm and relaxing there when we were there. We enjoyed every single day and every single dinner or breakfast which they brought us to our private table right before our cabin.
⏳ 07-2015

remote, simple but intensely satisfying resort

You don't visit this resort for luxury, not for mass tourisme, not for parties, not for perfect swimming... you visit this place.... to retreat. you pick a cottage on the beach, say hello to the quite but so respectful and hospitable staff - i miss you guys! - you rent a scooter and there you are.... in paradise... the resort is down the rocks, on sea-level. there is a main-building - well, hut - that overlooks a couple of cottages on the beach. prices and basics are mentioned on the updated website. the family running this paradise is solid rock. i would trust them with everything i have. they are somewhat shy, like Filipino's can be, but when you win their hearts by giving them respect you are 'in'. half hour by scooter/triped you are in Larena where you can shop and dine in nothing more then a small jungle village. siquijor has a main-road, encicling the island and many roads into the mountain-area. along the coast you will find many places to stay but my favorite is still this little, unseen, quit place. i have been here twice 5 weeks and every week i took the boat to Dumaquete City, picked a hotel and had some quality-time in the mall / cinema. perfect balance. don't go here if you hate lack of electricity. it sometimes falls out here. …
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