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🌏 Legarda Road Caltex, Baguio, Luzon 2600 Philippines (View map)

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👆 Web ⏳ 01-01-2017

Lucky Find

My brief experience with Coffee House was simply satisfying. I stayed in the area for a few days and would get a comforting cup of cappuccino now and then. Their meal servings weren't huge, but they were enough for one person to feast on. I found their interiors cozy as well, and my friends and I would enjoy chatting there. What made me give them 5 stars was their service. On short notice (10 PM the day before), my group had to organize a pleasant breakfast (at 5:55 AM) for 50+ people. As they were one of the few non-fastfood restaurants open at that hour (they never close), we ended up booking the whole restaurant for a big meal in 6 hours. 'Twas the first time they agreed to such, even prompting me to explain everything to the cafe owner. EJ, her son (and manager I believe), went out of his way to cater to our needs - called for extra staff, came in earlier than his set time, and helped behind the bar/ in the kitchen. In short, our breakfast went smoothly. They were able to adjust to our needs, and for that, I'm grateful and giving them this high rating. Thanks, Coffee House! Disclaimer: I didn't see the restroom. :)

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