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⏳ 12-2021

Dirty and crowded seafood lunch in a beautiful island

Overpriced!!! The seafoods are definitely fresh but the way it was cook was not the best that I have tasted. One should not mind paying the hefty price because according to our boatman the profits goes back to the people who live in the island.


It should have at least clean and decent restrooms. The place is so full during lunch and people stay there for at least two hours. How can you have no clean toilets?

Dogs shouldn’t be roaming around and begging for food.

Train the people to clean the tables and the surroundings. It really gets dirty.

And PLEASE do something about the flies.

I totally did not enjoy my stay there. Just wanted to get out asap because it was so unsanitary. The island itself is quite beautiful and it could have been a fun lunch if the place was properly managed.

Sorry, not going back until they work on their cleanliness.
⏳ 12-2021

Sea escape!

Chasing salt waters at Caohagan Island! One of the most visited place when you go to an Island Hopping, Worthy to visit because its a for free. They have sandbar, clear waters & very hospitable locals.
⏳ 12-2021

Overcrowded and overdeveloped

We rented a boat to get here and while the cruise was very relaxing because of our scenic views of the sea, the island itself was disappointing. Here are the reasons why:

Too crowded. Seriously, how can one enjoy swimming here when the entire island has become a docking area for all these boats? Too many people for such a small island. Can the local government ensure that the carrying capacity is observed not only for a better experience for the tourists but more importantly for the preservation of the island itself?

Too expensive seafood. While they’re obviously fresh, they’re tourist traps. A pile of what locals call sa-ang was priced at 250-300 pesos when it’s sold for only 5 apiece in the market! The pile had about 15 pieces so it’s not even worth 100 bucks. They sold us crabs at 300-400 pesos per piece and it wasn’t fat enough and was served overcooked.

Overpriced souvenirs. 100 pesos for a native or shell bracelet? No, thank you. Similar products are sold at the Lapu-Lapu Shrine or even in SM malls for 1/4 the price. I pity the mostly Japanese and Chinese tourists who got conned into buying anything here.

And because of the place being overcrowded, when we’re leaving, the place was in chaos as they tried to find a Japanese tourist’s missing (or maybe just misplaced) mobile phone. There was no security personnel so it was a pretty chaotic scene.

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