Bouchon, Valencia City


⏰ 11:30 - 13:30

🌏 Tejeros Road, West Balabag Valencia, Negros Oriental, Valencia City, Mindanao Philippines (View map)

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Lunch, Dinner
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Lynn P
👆 Web ⏳ 29-04-2013

A great find!

March 23, 2013 It's surprising why not so much has been said about this restaurant. If Valencia provides a breath of fresh air from all the mess in Dumaguete, Bouchon is a gasp of quality food from all the gastronomic mediocrity. There are many places where the staff is nice and all smiles (sometimes a bit too animated), but Bouchon is one of only a handful of restaurants where the staff is professionally trained in how to conduct themselves appropriately. Bouchon is a cut above the others in terms of the staff's service, knowledge (of the menu, especially) and personality. It's really hard to find a place where food is cooked the way it should be. That is, with real and fresh ingredients. But if you prefer food that is flavored with pre-mixed packets then this certainly is not the kind of food that will give you the MSG-high that you're looking for. It's more expensive than the average restaurant but then it's far from being an average restaurant. For the quality of food and service alone, I would say the price is just about right. In fact, I will not hesitate to give Bouchon 5 points for its value and a McDonald's in Dumaguete a 2. The place does not have a wide area (although it does have a nice, spacious garden) so it may not be ideal for a huge gathering. But it's perfect for those personal and private special occasions. In a nutshell, all restaurants should be a Bouchon restaurant! Do I recommend the place to others? Definitely, without a doubt Am I willing to go back to this place? Of course
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