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Location / Nearby Book Museum cum Ethnology Center


The Book Museum cum Ethnology Center was founded in 2013 and features the vast personal collection of the President of Rex Group of Companies—Atty. Dominador Buhain. As a traveler, Atty. Buhain has collected items from over 200 countries and islands he has visited. The logo of the museum reflects the lifestyle of Atty. Buhain as a wanderer who chooses to share his journey through his priceless collection. This place offers two major settings – The Book Museum and Ethnology Centers. The Book Museum showcases different kinds of books and other printed materials from all over the world. The Ethnology Centers highlight well-preserved and priceless artifacts from Northern and Southern part of the Philippines. Other sights to see are the hand painted mural which shows the history of printing in the Philippines and in the world. There are also two fiesta-colored Totem Poles depicting some Philippine myths and legends, and the James Dean Diner, a 50s theme-inspired café diner.
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Kim C
⏳ 12-2021

Get Cultured!

Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center is like a hidden gem for me because even though I live in Marikina, I had no idea that this place existed. It was a great visit! It is a must to have a tour guide to accompany you because they know all about the artifacts and historical background of the printing press especially in the Philippines. The museum houses books and printed materials from 230 countries and islands, and two ethnology centers that contains artifacts from southern and northern part of the Philippines, that were acquired and donated to Atty. Buhain. I learned many things about the diverse cultures here in the Philippines that were all very interesting. I hope you get to spare time and for 100 pesos you can definitely be and get cultured!
Marce M
⏳ 12-2021

Book Lover’s Haven

A very nice visit.. The Book Museum staffs are very accommodating and friendly (I just forgot the name of the staff assisting us). The arrangement of the museum is good and since you can request to read those books you want in their common area, this makes them like a library - a haven for bookworms and book lovers.

There are three building inside their compound. The first building housed the book collection of the owner on every places in planet Earth (not just "around the world") that he visit (some places are really unfamiliar to me).. I really enjoyed seeing the titles and the covers of those books - in some ways, I got a glimpse of what it looks like or what things are usually being done in those places.. Inside the first building are numerous unique pieces of artifacts and book - the smallest tablet, smallest handcarved in a wood sculpture of last supper, miniature books of Shakespeare, and of course - the smallest book.

The 2nd building housed collections of artifacts from "Northern" Philippines - lots of headgears, bulol, "coffins", "anting anting", wooden bikes, etc..

The 3rd building housed the collections of artifacts from "Southern" Philippines - replica of houses, ancient swords, jewelries, bow and arrow, etc..

The murals in the building is a must place to have a picture.. We visited there for 2 hours and we want to stay longer to read but we only have the only problem during our visit - hunger.. We really need to go out the museum after the visit to eat since this place will really drain your energy in and out (especially if you really love books and artifacts).. The god news is that during our visit, they are in the process of designating a place to eat - a cafe, with a painting painted by a known artist (according to the friendly museum staff).. It will open really soon and when it does, I will be back to read those books I saw..

Anyway, just to add.. The entrance fee is not expensive (only a hundred pesos) and they give discounts to students and teachers (like my cousin).. :)
Kiss V
⏳ 12-2021

Books and Travel

The books from the countries that Atty. Buhain visited range from the ordinary travel guides, to autobiographies, to rare collectibles like the smallest printed books.

There are still things that can be improved like the order of the collection and more information about his travel; how long he stayed in the country, what did he see, etc.
Lallen F
⏳ 12-2021

Awesome book collection!!!

Recently visited the museum last weekend and I was amazed by the book collection of one man Atty Dominador Buhain. A collection of books he acquired thru his travel (which started when he was 20 years old). There are very rare books and artifacts in the museum and ethnology center that are just so awesome!!! I personally like the Miniature book collection of William Shakespeare’s works, smallest book and the smallest tablet!!!

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