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🌏 Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort, Mangodlong, San Francisco 6050 Philippines (View map)

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 26-09-2018

Good food, wonderful service!

I really loved everything I tried and the selection and quality is very good! Has good salads which is surprising in the Philippines:)
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 22-01-2018

Great food!!

My partner and I did not try out the place right away since we will be having our breakfast here everyday but since there were only few options to dine in the area, we just decided to try to have dinner here. After our experience in Bamboo Cafe, we did not go outside just to have dinner as we really liked the food here and we're so glad we've tried it as it didn't disappoint us. It may be a little bit expensive but it is worth every penny. We liked everything and the food were prepared well. The best part is to have people who are very attentive to all your needs and who are very professional in dealing with guests. Erwin, Keith, Ivan, Glethel, Ken, Joel, Jaymar, Nerio, Ronnel, Joseph, Darren, Johnrey, Arnold, Andew, Hermines, Ferdinand and Hermogenes, thank you for your excellent service and keep up the good work.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 12-04-2016

Good Food & Good Service

During our stay in Mangodlong this is where we ate Merienda, Dinner, Midnight Snack and Breakfast. First for the Merienda. I ordered their Halo Halo and requested for it to brought to the room. After a few minutes it was brought to the room. The Halo Halo was priced at P180. A bit pricey but this is a resort and the serving was big. It was just okay. Nothing to rave about. Dinner meanwhile was a surprise. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu and Kinilaw. Was sooooo surprised with the Kinilaw. I thought i would not like it because it had coconut milk but it was delicious. The Lapu Lapu was sooo good too. For Midnight Snack (it was actually an extra order which i asked our waiter to bring to the room) i ordered the Paradise Burger and the Tanghon Guidado. The Paradise Burger was Very Good. The Tanghon Guisado also. Breakfast Buffet meanwhile was good. The choices were limited but the taste was good. If you just plan on staying at the resort you will not go wrong with eating at the Bamboo Cafe. Prices maybe higher compared to the other food places but the quality is very high. Service was great too.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 10-01-2015

Good variety and excellent service

This resort is four years old with the brick floored restaurant having nipa thatching as its roof and a lovely ambience. Tables are well spaced. Service was excellent with trainee Louie efficient. The two pizzas we enjoyed on different nights were properly cooked, served hot and very tasty and filling. P300 was a typical price. The banana shake used ripe bananas and hence was pleasing to the palate. The outlook over the infinity pool to the sea was great, watching the sunset being a particular highlight. The lack of mosquitos and flies added to the enjoyment.

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